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State Contestants

Miss Illinois 2017 Top 5

3rd RU Miss Land of Lincoln – Sheridan Hurtig. 1st RU Miss Heartland – Janna Harner, Miss Illinois 2017 – Abby Foster, 2nd RU Miss Quincy – Stephanie Dearwester, 4th RU Miss Chicago – Alexandria Strother

2017 Local Titleholders

Miss Blackhawk Valley – Elizabeth Hughes
Miss Capital City – Breanna Bagley
Miss Central Illinois – Amelia Mugavero
Miss Chicago – Alexandria Strother
Miss Dixie Highway – Kayla Murray
Miss East Central – Abby Foster
Miss Heartland – Janna Harner
Miss Heart of Illinois – Abigail Brown
Miss John A. Logan – Alyssa Reinhardt
Miss Kankakee- Shannon Baucus
Miss Land of Lincoln – Sheridan Hurtig
Miss Macomb – Angelica Niemann
Miss Metro East – Annika Strolle
Miss Metropolis- Antonia Hutcheson
Miss Midwest – Hannah Poitras
Miss Mississippi River – Taylor Smith
Miss Northern Suburbs – Isha Jog
Miss Prairie State- Kaitlyn Dixon
Miss Quincy – Stephanie Dearwester
Miss Shawnee Hills- Taylor Hardy
Miss Southern Illinois – Peyton Gehrs
Miss Springfield – Summer Robbins
Miss Twin Cities – Mandy Marsh
Miss Volunteer – McKena Miller
Miss Windy City – Mariah May


Miss Illinois’ Outstanding Teen 2017 Top 5

4th RU Miss Macomb’s OTeen – Emily Jones, 2nd RU Miss Quincy’s OTeen – Sophia Marcolla, Miss Illinois’ Outstanding Teen – Maddie Mazzella, 1st RU Miss Metro East’s OTeen – Darian Redshaw, 3rd RU Miss Capital City’s OTeen – Victoria Shore, 5th RU Miss Violet Valley’s OTeen – Bella Rose

2017 Local Outstanding Teen Titleholders

Miss Arlington Heights’ Outstanding Teen – Parul Kumar
Miss Blackhawk Valley’s Outstanding Teen – Sierra Brown
Miss Capital City’s Outstanding Teen – Victoria Shore
Miss Central Illinois’ Outstanding Teen – Katrina Jackman
Miss Chicago’s Outstanding Teen – Maddie Mazzella
Miss East Central’s Outstanding Teen – Ailaa Ippensen
Miss Heartland’s Outstanding Teen – Shaelen Hudson
Miss Heart of Illinois’ Outstanding Teen – Allie Bowlyou
Miss Kankakee’s Outstanding Teen – Enrica Uhlen
Miss Land of Lincoln’s Outstanding Teen – Alyse White
Miss Macomb’s Outstanding Teen – Emily Jones
Miss Metro East’s Outstanding Teen – Darian Redshaw
Miss Metropolis’ Outstanding Teen – Madison Cunningham
Miss Northern Suburbs’ Outstanding Teen – Bailee Jones
Miss Quincy’s Outstanding Teen – Sophia Marcolla
Miss Shawnee Hills’ Outstanding Teen – Alexandra Wallace
Miss South Central’s Outstanding Teen – Lexie Casey
Miss Southern Illinois’ Outstanding Teen – Alexa Boese
Miss Violet Valley’s Outstanding Teen – Bella Rose