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State Staff
Director of Operations: Heather Abell Castlebery, J.D.
ED/Teen Director: Dr. Susan Shea
Assistant Teen Director: Gwen Montgomery
Field Directors:
Heather Abell Castlebery, J.D.
Taylor Hardy
Savannah Whitlock
Rachel Johnson
State Paperwork Coordinator: Shelly Riech
Styling Consultant: Michelle Holmes
Hair Consultant: Olivia Lind-Porter
Historian: Daryl Schabinger
State Judge’s Committee:
Heather Abell Castlebery, J.D.
Clatus Bierman
Nancy King
Dr. Susan Shea
Kemper CPA Group
Kimberly Walker, CPA
Lance Royce, CPA
Ashley Norton
Markella Rutherford
State Committee
Finance Committee:
Jennifer Lee
Dr. Susan Shea
Byram Fager
Matt Nation
Gail West
Princess Program Committee:
Olivia Gordon, Director
Angie Gordon
Brent Gordon
Jada Hudson
Clare Weaver
Nic Skovgaard
Nancy Skovgaard
Sponsorship Committee:
Kristina Dabrowski
Dr. Susan Shea
Dr. Beth Butler
Licensing Committee:
Heather Abell Castlebery, J.D.
Dr. Susan Shea
Special Events Committee:
Roger Brand
Josh Benson
Jared Garrison
Olivia Gordon
Pavilion Center Staf
Scholarship Committee:
Suzie Foote - In-Kind Coordinator
Bob Foote
Kristina Dabrowski
Dr. Beth Butler
Dr. Donna Manering
Social Media Committee:
Corryne Shaw
Katrina Karsen-Denham
Nic Skovgaard
Kathi Odum
Monica Nia Jones
Mia Rose Fritsch-Anderson 
Olivia Gordon
Tom Harness
Hospitality Committee:
Lesa Schaive-Manager’s Food License
Belinda Hatfield
Megan McClellan
Rene Shelton
Gwen Montgomery
Robin Ruchi
Kirsten Hadap
Nancy King
Jared Garrison
Judy Sims
Sandy Farmer
Leesa Foster
Marketing Committee:
Corryne Shaw
Nic Skovgaard
Katrina Karsen-Denham
Dr. Patricia Polk
Olivia Gordon
Program Book:
Nic Skovgaard-Chair
Byram Fager
Friday Ebersohl
Peyton Schnurr-Designer
Dr. Susan Shea
Shelly Riech
Production Committee:
Sara Alstat-Sanders - Producer
Hillary High-Renda - Choreographer
High Image Dance Studio
Michelle Holmes
Corryne Shaw
Josh Benson
Cam McCurdy
Kristina Dabrowski
Dr. Susan Shea
Jaryn Franklin Dennehey
Megan Noble
Isabelle Hanson
Kylie Ryder
Grace Khachaturian
Stevie J. Khachaturian
Steve Falat - Voice Overs
National Anthem Performers:
Jared Garrison
Janna Harner
Isabelle Hanson
Travis Westbrook
Union Street Arts:
Luke O’Neill - Videographer
Reece Smoot - Photographer
Front of the House Coordinators:
Suzie Foote - Silent Auction
Bob Foote
Tona Kay Reed
Jane Ann Cruse
Byram Fager
Matt Nation
Judy Sims
Security Team:
Jamie Simmons - Head of Security
Carl Orlivich
Sloan Orlivich
Heather Clarida
Aaron Hays
Hostess Committee:
Missy Hochstatter - Lead Hostess
Lisa Knight
Gwen Montgomery
Lesa Schaive
Dr. Jan Marsh
Claire Weaver
Mandy Marsh
Teen & Miss Preparation Team:
Michelle Holmes
Olivia Lind-Porter
Rachel Johnson
Gwen Montgomery
Dr. Susan Shea
Local Directors
Miss Blackhawk Valley: Jaryn Franklin Dennehey
Miss Capital City & Miss Land of Lincoln: 
Rene Shelton & Sarah Duval
Miss Chicago, Miss Windy City, Miss Gold Coast 
& Miss Cook County: Jason Pica, II
Miss Kankakee County: Gloria Sanders
Miss Metropolis: Sandy Farmer
Miss Mississippi Crown: Nicole Young & Christina King
Miss Northern Suburbs & Miss Lake County:
Robin Ruchti & Kristen Hadap
Miss Peoria Metro & Miss Central Illinois:
Kari Dixon & Kaitlyn Dixon
Miss Quincy: Lindsey Hess
Miss Southern Illinois and Miss Heartland:
Janna Harner
Sweeps Competition: Heather Abell


Bronze Sponsors
Anna-Jonesboro National Bank
Ashley Hatfield & Stephen Head
Bill & Belinda Hatfield
Dr. Claire Thorpe-Klinsky & Cody Reynolds
Etcetera Floral & Gifts
Isabelle Hanson
Lebanon Optometric Center
Ron Osman & Associates
Terry & Chris Hanson
Dr. Lukasz & Kristina Dabrowski
Dr. Eric & Kristina Graham
Graham Medical Aesthetics
Friends of Miss Illinois
Heartland Regional Medical Center
Hanson Professional Services, Inc
The Sash Company
Katie & Kris Lowes
Becky Borgsmiller
Drs. Randy & Ronda Dunn
Messrs. Brandon Wright & Corey Thoss
Dr. Whitney Marlow & Beau Marlow
Megan & Thomas Noble
Rachel Johnson
Randy & Margaret Johnson
Karen Sala-Dollens
Perfectly Posh Boutique
Auffenburg Chrysler of Herrin


To Byram Fager and Matt Nation with the Southern Illinois Community Foundation for helping the Miss Illinois Organization be able to provide young women with amazing scholarship opportunities with ease.
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